What Do Scientologists and Mormons Have in Common?

~ Roll mouse over photo to Derobe ~

Bob ‘The Bitch’ says:
Wife Swappin bitches! You know, when Scientologists aren’t worshiping aliens or jumping on couches they like to spice up their love life just like any other human being. Take Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (SNOOZE FEST), and now insert Victoria Beckham in the place of Katie and you got one sexy tea-party. I mean look at this…it almost looks like it’s meant to be.

Leo says:
Gee, that’s a terrific idea Bob. Just one thing. You’re a retard! Tom Cruise is crazy, and if you combine the antics of Victoria Beckham you’ve got one awful and corrosive combination. That wouldn’t be a fun combination. All that would happen is they would fight and bicker keeping all of LA up late at night. You need Katie Holmes, boring as she may be, to help be a steady equalizer in Tom’s life.

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