Dum de dum dum, Matt

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

John says:
This guy has got to be one of the biggest tools on earth. I know he’s from the south. Yes, he’s probably very charming. But if i see one more picture of this fucktard on the beach, I’m going to throw my monitor through the wall. Did you hear that, Matt. Put your shirt on and find some pavement or we’re going to loose the deposit on this duplex!

Leo says:
John, we don’t have a duplex. We have a house. Matt is fine. He’s just a little rough around the edges. That’s why girls like him. Now put the monitor down, I don’t want to loose the deposit on this apartment.

Bob says:
I agree with Leo, Matt’s not so bad, I mean he was Wooderson in the movie Dazed and Confused. It was a priceless movie, and a great roll for Matt.

Leo says:
I take it back. If Bob likes Mcconaughey, then I hope an anvil drops on Matt’s head.

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