What does a girl have to do to be Clooney’s flavor of the week?

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Photo courtesy of splashnews.com

John Writes:
When Sarah Larson was a finalist on ‘Fear Factor’, I wonder if she was thinking, “OK Sarah girl, just down this last scorpion martini and you might get the chance to blow and American icon.” I wonder if he calls her scorpion breath to be funny. Nah, I’m sure George doesn’t know her last name yet. Give it time.

Leo Writes:
Love Sarah. Love the crutches. Love scorpions.

Bob ‘The Bitch’ says:
Yeah, I say George Clooney can get any girl he wants so why not let him have fun with this flavor of the week? I mean Sarah is a beautiful woman.

Leo says:
That’s all you’v got…don’t ever speak unless spoken to. So, I guess that means you should never speak at all.

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