Halloween came early for Victoria Beckham

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Leo Doe Says:

Victoria Beckham can’t be missed in this photo at the Luxembourg Garden in Paris on Monday. I’m not a fashion critic, but fear not, I am a bird critic. And I have no idea what this bird is wearing. She looks rediculous. I do give Victoria B for balls -especially for wearing this in public.

Photo courtesy of perezhilton.com
John says:
Oh boy. There are no words for this. Who told the poor girl this would be OK? I can only play the obvious card here. Animal. There. Victoria, you look like animal from the muppets. People grabbed their beers and left the bars to laugh at you. I’m so very sorry.

Bob ‘The Bitch’ says:
Actually I think she kind of looks good as Animal from the muppets.

John says:
Well, The Muuppets is still your favorite show right, Bob? You TiVo it every day and then watch Muppet Marothons late into the night. I always wonder what you’re doing in your room late nights during those Marathons?

Bob ‘The Bitch’ says:
I PRACTICE YOGA. It’s very therapeutic.

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