Derober Exclusive: Reese breaks some serious news to kids at Brentwood eatery.

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Just hours ago, Reese Witherspoon took her two kids, Ava and Deacon, to California Pizza Kitchen where she goes at least once a week. An employee says of Reese, “She one of the kindest patrons we have.” Tonight, something was rotten in Denmark. Ava seemed upset about something and finally blurted, “I don’t want another mommy.” To which Reese responded, “You’re not getting a new mommy, you’re getting a stepmom.” WTF! Ryan you sneaky bastard. Ryan cheated on Reese with crappy actress Abbie Cornish. But that fizzled until they were seen about town with each other again this August. Apparently, Ryan stuck a promise ring on somebody’s finger. Moral of the story: Remember to break bad news to children at home. Public places have many ears.

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