The Hills is up for best screenplay

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Not that anyone really cares, but the ‘Reality Show” The Hills is scripted. Allow me to clarify: the characters follow a contrived plot by acting out scenes with written dialogue. Yes, it’s true, we have been bamboozled by these amazing “actors”. We always thought the heavy thumb of MTV persuaded the storyline, but according to a spectator fortunate enough to be present during a restaurant scene at Da Silvano, in NYC, claims,

“It was clear that this show is not a reality show. They took five takes of Lauren ordering dinner. The film crew took over the outside eating area by setting up lights and cameras everywhere. They should go back to California.”

It’s a sad day…aaaaannnnd I’m over it.

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Lee OswaldSeptember 9, 2008 @ 10:16 am

Know what would fit perfectly in her mouth in the above picture?

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