Bobby Brown’s heart still ticks

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Bob ‘The Bitch’ says:
Wednesday, in Los Angeles, Hip-hop legend-ish Bobby Brown denied rumors that he suffered a mild heart attack, stating, “None of it’s true, I went in for a checkup. The doc gave me a clean bill of health.” However, his attorney was singing a different tune as he nonchalantly said, “This morning they did diagnose him as suffering from a mild heart attack … they attributed to stress and diet.” Huh, you know I’m not sure you have to read between the lines on this one to crack the case, but when your own attorney tells the press the lil tidbit about you being diagnosed with a heart attack, I tend to believe he said it because it actually happened. Why else would he? But, as is the case with Derober from time to time we have uncovered (via x-ray machine) that Boby Brown’s may be in far greater trouble. His heart is literally a ticking time-bomb. I mean the stress from ‘work’ is one thing, but being shackled up with Whitney Houston has to take a toll on even the healthiest of hearts. Anyways, get well soon Bobby. And PS–if someone will explain why Bobby is hoisting a pair of whittie-tighties in front of a live crowd, I will seriously pay them. I’m that puzzled by it.

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