Aniston says she’s movin’ to New York

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John Says:
Jennifer Aniston needs a change of venue. She’s tired of dreary old LA and planning to move to the Big Apple. Says Aniston, “I’m tired of driving in the same car, looking at the same dashboard, driving down the same street.” That sounds a lot like our lives when we’re GOING TO OUR HOUSES. A notable difference is that Jen’s car is a tricked out Range Rover. The dashboard is playing porn on a plasma screen, and that “some old street” takes her to a multi-million dollar mansion in Malibu. We wish her the best. I’m sure she’ll skate by… maybe get a job moonlighting at Carnegie Deli. We also heard the Naked Cowboy is hiring a Tonto.

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Janna BethOctober 16, 2007 @ 1:00 am

haha.. that’s great. love that naked cowboy. poor guy must freeze.

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