Lindsay Lohan is completely broke. 7 mil up the nose. Back in LA to make a quick buck.

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Possibly a Waitress/Part-time dealer?

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Or maybe…

John Says:
Here is the breakdown according to Sun: Lilo dropped a cool mil on a hotel stay (1 year), $137,000 on two rehab stints, $70,000 on personal grooming, $500,000 on drugs (some estimate 1M), and 3.8 million on two properties which she can no longer afford. By Christmas, Lilo will be signing autographs at convention centers for beer money. Lilo has to make a quick buck fast. We’re taking bets at the office. She is currently staying with Tom Gorres, the executive producer of ‘I know who killed me’. Derober has learned that prior to her last trip to rehab, Lilo was secretly being passed around Malibu, staying in various guest homes like an orphan. She was kicked out of one when a maid discovered that Lohan had tossed the whole place. “There was blood everywhere,” said one of our sources. Good luck with your new burden, Tom.

Leo Says:
Broke? I dunno’. Lohan just walked out of a salon two hours ago and dropped $900. I think she’s got some money stashed away somewhere. But the real question is how do you spend $900 at a salon unless you are bumping lines of blow while letting your nails dry. Mani, peti, coki.

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