Anna Nicole’s lawyer billed Dannielynn for her entire allowance

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Leo says:
Poor little Dannielynn Smith is suffering through sleepless nights overcome with anxiety over how she is going to to pay for the lawyer that represented her in the Anna Nicole trust hearings. The $198,493.98 bill presented by Richard Milstein as the court appointed guardian for Dannielynn will nearly drain all of her trust (until she gets gazillions because her whore mom married a rich corpse). Let’s face it, by the time D-Lynn is old enough to comprehend the shit-show that led up to this event, she’ll be worth an estimated 500 million dollars; I just hope she spends her money on more than just Methadone, Lexapro and Zoloft like good ol’ mommy did.

John Says:
I saw Larry Shithead as an extra on Entourage yesterday. There he was answering phones in the background while Lloyd got bitch-slapped by Ari. He couldn’t have known it at the time, but he was about become a national clown. You make me laugh, Clown Larry. Now pay the nice law people their blood money.

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