Janet Jackson takes the reigns at the box-office

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Bob says:
Let’s face it, Janet deserves to be turned into a horse after showing up to the premier of her new movie in that outfit. Last weekend Janet Jackson’s flick ‘Why Did I Get Married’ raked in a unexpected 21.5 million at the box-office. This begs the question “do ridiculous looking outfits worn by celebs equate to box-office gold?” Or maybe is it that this whole Halloween spirit has everyone excited to see their favorite actors in costume. I may never know. But I will always imagine Janet as a jack-ass in this outfit. Just can’t help it.

John Says:
Don’t care. Love Janet. Loved Rhythm Nation. Loved Velvet Rope. Loved her when she was fat. Love her now that she’s thin. If she wants to dress like an equestrian, love that too. Still hate you.

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saraAugust 20, 2009 @ 9:12 pm

im whit John

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