Where have I seen this before…?

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

Photo courtesy of intouchweekly.hollywood.com

John says:
Oh yeah, that’s right, K-fing-Fed. I said it before, Lindsey Lohan is just a few steps away from taking Britney’s coveted ‘I’m subconsciously trying to date my dad’ award. And she’s wisely following all of Britney’s guidelines on how to do it: step 1–get white trash boyfriend–check; step 2–take all the drugs you can find–check; step 3–gain a healthy 50 pounds…ahh, still gotta work on that one Lohan. And according to OK! magazine, Lindsay Lohan is now engaged to new boyfriend, Ryan Giles, the snowboarding, ass-clown that’s been arrested numerous times already. And did I mention that she met him in REHAB? Are you kidding, is this an ‘I’m angry at my parents’ phase that Lohan is trying to get outta her system or is she just plain retarded? As you can see, I went with the latter conclusion.

Leo says:
She may be mildly retarded, but let’s not forget how unreasonably hot she is. This trumps all.

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