Chris Angel IS a phenomenom

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Bob ‘The Bitch’ says:
In a recent interview, Chris Angel told OK magazine that he originally had a hand in helping Britney Spears’ comeback at this years VMA awards. But after Britney failed to commit to the project Angel pulled out at the last second, leaving Britney out to dry in that epically awful performance. I must say I’m surprised to see Chris making such good decisions based on the amount of heroin he must be ingesting every day. Look at you, that’s not magic, it’s witch craft. You think maybe you could clean up your act before your new television show ‘Phenomenon’ opens tomorrow night on MBC. PS–you don’t look cool…you look like a douche bag.

John Says:
Bob, you dumb bastard. Am I hearing a little sarcasm, here? Chris angel is a real phenomenon. He can levitate ponies and ride unicorns and everybody knows it. He’s not a douche bag. (You’re not a huge douche bag, Chris.) Bob just gets a little excited when we let him out of his cage so he can post something crappy on our blog. Just know than the views and opinions expressed by ‘Bob the Bitch’ are not shared by the staff at Derober. They are the maverick opinions of a sad, lonely orphan named Bob. Go get ’em Chris, ya’ big bad douche badass.

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