Girl from sex-tape gets famous–Money didn’t hurt

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Kim Kardashian celebrates her 27th Birthday Party at Les Deux on October 21st. Isn’t it nice to see some real talent becoming famous in Hollywood. No more rich and famous fathers pumping money and fame into their children like a celebrity gas pump. Just true hard work and ability. Oh…oh wait, Kim’s father is rich…oh he’s also one of the famous lawyers who defended OJ Simpson during the Niccole Simpson murder trial…? Shit. Well at least she’s smokin hot. Did we mention she’s slated to do a Playboy centerfold in the near future?

Bob ‘The Bitch’ says:
Kim Kardashian has her own reality television show about her and her rich family. Isn’t that just touching. Hey, why don’t we all just crown her the new Paris Hilton; she obviously copied Paris’ every move. A sex tape, no talent, has a rich ass father, and has been pampered all her life. God, I pray I see the day when a wrecking ball coincidentally collides into her enormous fake ass. More Kim? Check out our homepage

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tammyOctober 24, 2007 @ 4:51 pm

LOL! that is sooooo funny. I’d kill to be that hot and famous!!

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