Nicole Richie’s baby bums a smoke

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Celebretard, Nicole Richie, was spotted smoking AGAIN. Not really a big deal, except she’s pregnant -with a possible human baby. Although if it’s not human, I’m sure the baby alien doesn’t appreciate the nicotine either.
The New York Post reports,

“…[she] exits DaSilvano with one young girl, one middle-age lady. On the sidewalk, after checking who’s at which outdoor tables, she lights up. They jump into a waiting black Caddy Escalade, Nicole into the front seat. Still smoking.”

I used to think Lional Richie was the man…now I just think he’s a douche for raising such reject.

Yeah, Nicole’s dad, where where you during this girl’s formidable years? Huh? Were ya’ too busy dancing on the ceiling? I’m sure Lionel (father) probably told his daughter, “Don’t worry about it, princess, your mother smoked when she was pregnant with you and you turned out great.” Remember, you’re smoking for two now, little Nicky. Good work, Lionel, you raised a real class dame.

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