Who wore it best?

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Before you vote for the obvious here. Let me say that I met Kelly Clarkson recently. Leo, myself, and my idiot cousin B.C. were hiking Temescal Canyon in the Pacific Palisades as was Kelly and her friend. I think I was mostly freaked out because just before the hike we were discussing our top 5 women we’d like to date (because that’s what boys do), and I said Kelly was my #1. No more than 45 minutes later I was face to face with her. The details of how tongue twisted I got that day will remain in my darkest closet. I will say this. Kelly was kind and down to earth when we met. She’s got talent and she’s got my vote.

Yes, Jonny Boy, I heard about that little episode. You have no game it seems. Kelly, on the other hand, has more game than Parker Brothers. Saw her in concert last year. Yes, I cried during ‘Because of You.’
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