Juliette Lewis is NOT the last of the mohicans

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

Photo courtesy of perezhilton.com

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Natural Born Killers star Juliette Lewis performed for her band in Ft. Lauderdale on Tuesday. And she was more than ready to kick-start the Halloween festivities this year by…oh, oh wait, she’s not wearing a costume. So you mean…yeah, she just flew over the cuckoo’s nest. What is wrong with you Julie? As if the Native Americans hadn’t gotten a bad enough deal as it was, now they have to answer for you. Do everyone a favor and don’t make any more public appearances until you’re off the heroin. Seriously, this is not a good look.

Bob, have you been smoking peyote? Indian feathers are a running theme at ‘Licks’ concerts. At the Blog of Mark, and American Peyote Scribble, Mark writes,
Lewis has the rather unique quality of inspiring a rabid following of male groupies, who jump through the crowd-sea with American Indian feathers around their heads – you see them rising above the waves on the shoulders of those below them. The scene is hip, it’s energetic – visually as well as emotionally commanding.”
She’s not making fun of them, she’s pursuing a oneness with them, silly stupid Bob the Bitch.
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