Tyra Banks dives into vaginas

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Monday’s ‘Tyra’ was dedicated to the woman’s nether regions and sure enough every man in the world tuned in to figure out the woman’s rubik’s cube. This hour long vagina fest was dubbed, “Ground Zero” by Tyra Banks:

“I have wanted to do this show for two years. I know for a lot of women talking about what is going on in our bodies is extremely difficult, but it is incredibly important. We should be able to talk to our daughters, sisters, mothers and friends about our bodies and not be embarrassed. I hope after this show women will not be ashamed about what’s up down there.”

For once my attention was taken off of Tyra’s other landing strip: her ginormous forehead.

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Janna BethNovember 6, 2007 @ 1:10 pm

sorry i missed that show. the you tube clip was enough for me.

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