Hayden loves the paparazzi so much she delivered Pizza

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Photo courtesy of buzzfoto.com

Over the weekend, Hero’s star Hayden Panettiere took time out of her busy schedule to deliver pizza to the front door step of the paparazzi. Whether it was a publicity stunt, a way of keeping up relations with the razzi’s, or just a genuine act of kindness, Hayden seems to be rubbing everybody the right way these days.

Bob ‘The Bitch’
Well Dee, allow me to weigh in. She hates the paparazzi, and not just a little but alot. She can’t stand that she has to rely on their assistance to raise her status from teen queen to A-list celebrity. If she did what she really wanted to do, she would deliver a healthy serving of death and destruction. Oh Hay-Hay, how I see right through the lies. Don’t deny it, you’re a puppeteer right now…it’s time to cut those strings.

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