Hilton sisters’ peacekeeping mission to Japan. Don’t be fooled.

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Paris Hilton is trick-or-treating her way across the globe. First it was Moscow to promote Plastinina’s childish clothing line for 2 milion dollars. Now, Paris and Nikki Hilton are in Roppongi, Tokyo to promote pal Samantha Thavasa’s handbags and accessories. They are being paid $500,000 each to show up and mingle. I used to like those handbags.

No more Mr. Nice John. Your gonna’ get it now, Paris, both barrels. Does anybody know where Paris is supposed to be right now? Rwanda. Yep. She was supposed to leave last week for the impoverished country to represent ‘The Playing for Good Foundation’, which links businesses and celebs with a multitude of charities benefiting children and families in need. Now, ‘Playing for Good’ claims they had to reschedule Paris but don’t believe a single word. Paris simply prefers the almighty corporate dollar to real issues. So much for post-prison-Paris who wanted to “help others.” Paris is in it for #1. Period. If anybody has a Samantha Thavasa’s bag, please take it back to the store and send the cash to Rwanda. Any purchase of those bags just lines Paris’ already deep pockets.
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Comment (1) “Hilton sisters’ peacekeeping mission to Japan. Don’t be fooled.”

JBNovember 7, 2007 @ 3:53 pm

she’s a spoiled brat anyways.

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