Amy Wine-house raided by the Fuzz

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This breaking story of Amy Winehouse’s house being raided last Thursday is all the buzz. Apparently, just hours after police raided their London house, Amy Winehouse’s husband, Blake, was picked up by police and sent straight to jail for attempting to “interfere with justice.” The Police had set up a sting operation and secretly videotaped meetings with the Wino’s husband in which he tried to bribe a man, that he had previously assaulted from not testifying at the impending trial or cooperating with police–kinda Mafia like. And all this bribery at the healthy price of $400,000. The singer was with her husband when he was arrested. Winehouse openly wept and screamed at police, “I want to go with him.” Sorry Amy, you’ll get through this.

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Ok, so I think I’ve seen this pattern before. Guy meets girl; girl falls in love with guy; guy screws girl over and gets their home raided by cops; guy goes to jail, girl is sad; girl realizes she’s multi-millionaire and buys new guy. Ahhh, love.

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