Paris Hilton trades in the limo for a shortbus

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Celebretard, Paris Hilton, poses for the photogs at JJ Mahoney’s in Soul, South Korea. She’s promoting her new lipstick that is “guaranteed to stay on your lips and off your teeth”…hhhmmm. Maybe she should test this on some animals first cause it ain’t workin on her.

Dee: get the facts straight, she was in Soul announcing her contract extension with Fila Sportswear -not promoting lipstick. She does look like she applied her teeth-stick in a cave during an earthquake. Shotgun on the shortbus!

Comment (1) “Paris Hilton trades in the limo for a shortbus”

MarsNovember 14, 2007 @ 5:04 pm

it’s ‘Seoul’ for goodness sakes.


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