Bill Gates shows up at Kelly Clarkson concert.


~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

Kelly Clarkson played a sold-out concert at the Paramount Theater in Seattle tonight. And Bill Gates was there! According to one spy-witness who calls herself DaTroubleWitLuv, Bill was rocking out to Kelly:

“it was super funny seeing him dance to miss independent. i wish i had my camera.
i was thinking “dont you think he’d have better seats?”
he was up in the balcony, but then i noticed they had back stage passes too… then i was jealous.”

One lovely girl, jayjo516, posted an exclusive pic (below) on The Kelly Clarkson Express. Speaking of Kelly Clarkson Express, I heard from a friend of mine that those awesome girls are really juicing up the site trying to pry Jonny-boy’s story out of him. For those who don’t know, John (the Derober) loves Kelly and actually had a chance to tell her how he really feels about her in person AND BLEW IT! If we get a thousand votes, he’ll tell the story. For excerpts of the story and to vote, click here.

Believe me, I’m flattered that people are taking my side in this, but I’m terrified to tell the story. I’ll do it. I really will. But not one second before the clock strikes midnight on a thousand votes. These ‘Express Girls’ are putting a smile on my face and making me very nervous at the same time.

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