Jessica Alba tired of being sex symbol–would rather be known as tough and smart

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Jessica Alba wants desperately to trade in her sex symbol status for a brand new pair of tough and smart. What exactly do I mean, in an interview the 26-year-old actress admits she would prefer to win a man’s heart with her fists rather than her looks:

I’d rather slay a guy with my fists than knock him out with the way I look. I know people like what they see and I’m totally happy to dress up and look sexy but I just see it as playing a part. “Underneath I’d prefer to be known for something else, like being tough or being smart. It makes me feel more confident to know I can hold my own in a fight than it does to look in the mirror and think I look beautiful.”

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Jessica wants to play the ‘look at me, I’m sophisticated’ card, huh. Well…good luck with that. I’m sure it will work out seeing as guys go to your movies for your cunning wit and ‘fists’. So I say, knock yourself out girl; in a few more years you’ll come crawling back to reclaim your sex-symbol status…but, who knows, the public might never give it back.

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jex212February 21, 2008 @ 7:07 pm

i dunno what everyone thinks is so great about him

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