David Letterman always keeps his peeps happy

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Finally, a positive story to report. Late night TV legend David Letterman announced to his staff yesterday that he will be taking money out of his own pockets to pay all of their salaries till the end of the year, while this awful writers’ strike rages on. This is a defiant move on Dave’s part as many of the networks have already threatened to fire all the staffs of the talk shows. It’s a real ‘Up-yours’ to the networks who are a acting like a hound of teenage bullies. Way to go Dave.

Bob ‘The Bitch’
You’ve got to be kidding me, I always knew Dave was my favorite TV show host, I just never knew why until now. Dave’s got a pair of brass ones. And that’s what it takes to combat these big-shot executives and producers who think it’s their birth-right to walk all over everyone else. Keep fighting the good fight, Dave.

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