Kelly Clarkson. The feedback.

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

We are getting some great ideas on how John can get a date with Kelly. I must say, some of the ideas are really amazing. So much so that we’re going to post the best ideas on the site with a Derobed picture. ‘Restless’ came up with the idea that people should bring signs to a Kelly concert! Imagine Kelly looking out on a sea of people holding ‘Date John’ signs. Lol. That would just be hilarious. We’ve also heard some girls are planning to print up John’s story and deliver it to Kelly during a meet-and-greet (thread courtesy of bixblitz). So good! Believe me, he really is a gentleman. He walks me to my car everyday when we leave work. Who does that? Really.

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

Stacy221 at Sodahead writes that, in order to date Kelly, I should, “Become the best person you can.” And, you know what, she’s right. Just because people vote you ‘Kelly-worthy’ doesn’t make it so. I doubt Kelly’s fans want to see her with an idiot (much less Kelly herself). Starting today, I’m holding myself to a higher standard. I’m actually going to try to be a better person. I know it doesn’t happen overnight. Baby steps. Everyday, I’m going to learn a new skill. And today is platform diving. It’s going to be painful… because I’m going to suck at it.

But keep the comments and suggestions coming. Thanks again for the suggestions. Honestly, I’m reading a book tonight and I have no idea how long it’s been since I did that. Whether I get the date or not, when they close the book on this story, at least i’ll have something good to show for it as a person.
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