Paris Hilton now and in the future…

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

So Paris Hilton has a new (or old I guess) sex tape that just recently surfaced of her naked in a bathtub being told what to do by ex-duschebag boyfriend Rick Soloman. The Sun reports:

It is thought this new footage was discovered earlier this year when Paris forgot to pay the rent on her storage vault. A website called then released the footage on the net, although Paris obtained a temporary injunction against them.
Now, the footage has reappeared on YouTube, with stronger versions available on US websites.

Here’s my small advice to celebrities in Hollywood “Never, NEVER, make a sex tape with anyone, no matter how much you love them at the time. Just a terrible idea. Is sex really that much hotter when a mini DV tape picks up a low resolution version of your sexual deviance?? I just don’t see the appeal.

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Dee, once again, you got this partially wrong. If celebrities are dumb enough to tape themselves during sex (or in the nude, period) than they deserve to be ridiculed and punished for their own stupidity. That’s just a part of natural selection. See, this is just science here. Idiots don’t deserve to go on. Wait…did I just segway from Paris Hilton to natural selection?? Either I’m very smart or I’m very dumb.

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