Brooke Hogan…would you??

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
For those of you who wake up most mornings and wonder what I do, ‘Does Brooke Hogan where a jock-strap?’, I’m here to re-assure you that you’re not alone. Maybe it’s the wide jaw with the dimpled chin. Or possibly the thick heavy-set thighs made for crushing garbage cans. Or quite possibly it could be that she’s actually a man. But whatever truth lies behind those eyes, she’ll always be ugly to me.

Bob, first let me start by saying you’re an ass. And if you ever had a chance with Brooke Hogan (which you wouldn’t) you’d take it in a second. And though I normally get a kick out of your childish sense of humor, you crossed the line with the ‘man’ thing. Shame on you. Next time, don’t make fun of a person (or an object) you desperately need, no matter how ugly they are.

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