Hay-Hay and Ne-Yo go to Hotel-Motel

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Photo courtesy of splashnews.com
Hayden Panettiera and Ne-Yo have been working together to promote Ronald McDonald Charities, but it seems the two have sparked something more than a friendship. They partied together at Butter early this morning in NYC and then headed back to the same hotel together. By the way, Ne-Yo is headed out on a holiday tour with R.Kelly this month, right? R.Kelly knows a thing or two about the young girls.

Hay-Hay is a petite 5 feet tall, 97 lbs. Ne-Yo stands 6’2″ and 197 lbs. Do our smart readers know where I’m going with this one? I’ll give you all a minute to ponder. The sheer mechanics of this relationship are mind-boggling. But I do admire their commitment to Rondald McDonald Charities. Give their website a gander.

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jannabethNovember 27, 2007 @ 11:29 pm

wow.. she’s like his little doll


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