K-Fed named ‘Details’ Magazine #7 most influential. Pop culture finds new low.

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

~Keep rolling for more horror~

Photo courtesy of people.com
Good morning everybody! While you were sleeping the world turned upside down, pigs flew, and hell froze.K-Fed has been named Details Magazine’s #7 ‘Most Influential’ person under 45. The article claims, “oddly, he emerged as the father of the year.” ‘Odd’. Yes, that is one word. I thought you can only get named #7 if you can count that high? In case you’re wondering, the pic above was taken this year backstage at a K-Fed concert. Federline had enough drugs in him to put a horse down.Details declined to comment when we called, but they did offer us some Kool-Aid.

Hi everybody I just woke up and… – Oh, my God! OH MY GOD! Dee, get into the cellar. NOW! Grab the canned goods and bottled water! Get the AM radio. Batteries? Where are the batteries?! There’s no time. I love you, Mom!

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