‘Established’ news media report Derober’s hoax as fact.

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

Photo courtesy of foxnews.com.
Photo courtesy of huffingtonpost.com.

Yep, that’s an actual screen shot of Fox New’s homepage. Hard to believe. If you click on the other photo, you’ll see Huffington Posts’ story as well (It’s the fake news story that appears next to President Bush.)
When Fox News found out is was a hoax, they asked for a quote from the Derobers. This was our email response. You will laugh:

“We can’t believe a credible news source, such as Foxnews would feature a story for an entire day without doing their homework. If foxnews would have checked out the rest of derober.com, they would have realized that derober is a satirical celebrity gossip blog that features PHOTOSHOPPED photos.

Get out the ol fire extinguisher! ;)”

Comment (1) “‘Established’ news media report Derober’s hoax as fact.”

[…] Originally Posted by EvilPopTarts I would like to see some proof of the bias.. The first article you posted Dino was about WTVT in Tampa, Florida……The second article is just an article with no proof to back it up. Why didn’t they post the screencaps or something with the article. I searched the internet and could not find any. Could you link us if you know please? I love it how articles say they have proof of something and never publish it. That story has nothing to do with bias either. I’m just trying to get a picture of why people say they are bias. Is it because they are the only network that does give conservatives a fair shake? Link to Screenshot of FOX News Report on Derober’s web site […]

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