Halle Berry might be preparing for the biggest role of her life

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

The queen of respect, Aretha Franklin, told reporters that she is considering Halle Berry to play her in an upcoming movie about her life. The diva stated,

“I’m still thinking of several people, and that would be Halle Berry, possibly Fantasia, she’ll be through on Broadway in January, and it could be Jennifer Hudson — you never know. There’s no final on that yet. I’m still observing them and their projects. Dreamgirls I’ve watched a couple of times lately, and I’m still just trying to arrive at the right decision.”

Wow, I know Halle is talented and all but do you think that maybe Aretha might be a bit of a stretch??

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
To picture Halle Berry in a fat suit made to look like Aretha Franklin would be like imagining a tooth-pic trying to fill out the remains of a dead-skinned elephant. The semantics are all wrong here.

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