Breaking: Peta is letting viewers Derobe Mary-Kate and Ashley!

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

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This is too good! Upset that the Olsen’s new clothing line uses real fur, Peta has created an interactive art-death room where you can dress the twins in various dead animals in what Defamer is calling their ‘signature homeless-chic fashion line.’ I dressed ‘Trashley:

Now, I wasn’t sure if the ‘Electrocuted Emine Evening Dress’ would match the ‘Skinned Seal Stilettos’, but they turned out to be a perfect match! The ‘Little Lamb Legwarmers’ worked well, but they kept sliding down her legs with all that blood, poor dear. I think the final product is, well, breathtaking.

This is like the Derober’s wet dream. I dressed ‘Hairy-Kate‘ in the ‘Dead Doggy Shoulder Bag’ and the ‘Butchered Beaver Shoes’ which arrived just in time for winter, thank god. I couldn’t choose between the ‘Mangled Possum Earmuffs’ or the ‘Doomed Racoon Hat’, but I knew Ashley was wearing the ‘Bludgeoned Bunny Beret’ and I didn’t want them to look to much like twins, ya’ know?

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jannabethDecember 11, 2007 @ 4:59 pm

OMG! poor MK & A.. i still adore them, even if they do use real fur.. and no matter what they’re wearing, they will prob still look like twins on most days.


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