Is Luke Wilson a good tipper?

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Let’s get back to tipping stories that actually happened. This one was sent to us from Tim.
Place: James Beach (for LA’s trendy West-siders. Very cougar friendly)
Location: Venice, CA

“Last Sunday, Luke Wilson came in with a group of friends on a Sunday afternoon. They were all drinking at the bar and having appetizers. I asked Luke,
“Do you want to start a tab. Who will be paying?”
Luke sorta’ grinned and said jokingly,
“Probably me.”
Toward the end of brunch, one of the couples they were with ended up paying the check at the bar without anybody noticing. Luke walked up to me a few minutes later and asked me for the check. I told him his friends had already paid and he laughed.
“No shit, how much did they leave you?”
“$65” (a really good tip btw)
Luke pulled out two more twenty dollar bills and gave them to me. Very cool. Sunday is our slowest day. I can’t remember the last time I made out with a hundred bucks total much less from one group. Thanks Luke!”

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