Portman: ‘I’m trying to step up every day’

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Stars are insecure too. Natalie Portman gave a revealing interview to MetroUK yesterday. The empowered star lets her guard down for a bit and talks about her vulnerabilities:

“It’s always a constant process of waking up and thinking if you’re good enough, or if you’re talented enough, and then getting out of that, whether it’s just doing something and figuring it out, or the more productive thing is to actually believe in yourself rather than just pretending. You go through cycles and phases.”

Natalie needs to go through a “dating John” phase. It would be a reckless time for her, slumming it with a gossip blogger; the clandestine meetings in cozy restaurants and pet names (I call her Porto). She’d make up feeble excuses why I can’t meet her family in the Hamptons. I’d know better but I’m in no place to insist. It would end abruptly with an email from her publicist on a Friday. No regrets.

Anyway, Natalie has an impressive fan site. Check it out if you’re nuts about Natalie.

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