Jordan, aka Katie Price, drops some lbs

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According to our favorite true celebrity blog,, Katie Price went under the knife for the fourth time and had an undisclosed amount of her copious implants removed. It’s rumored that her boyfriend, Peter Andre, paid for the operation. She’s seen here at London’s Heathrow airport covering her not-so-massive mammaries with a Louis Vuitton shawl. She plans on selling her bloody implants on Ebay for charity -kudos Jordan.

I’m on the fence with implants in general. But if a gal goes through the trouble of getting them done, then I don’t see the point in removing them unless they look as bad as Tara Reid’s twin debacles. But whatever floats your boobs boat Peter. The good news is the side-boob photo above reveals she’s still got some nice sweater kittens hiding in there.

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