Should ‘Ratatouille’ get a Best Picture Oscar nom?

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

The best reviewed film of the year might make a play for ‘Best Picture’ at this year’s Academy Awards…and it might not. The only thing stopping ‘Rat‘ is its owner, Pixar and Disney. Can you believe that Ratatouille is Ratatouille’s own worst enemy (I just always wanted to say that)? Pixar is worried that a push for ‘Best Picture’ will hurt its chances for winning ‘Best Animated Picture.’

I loved this movie. It’s one of my favs. I hope the Disney/Pixar execs take their balls out of the wife’s purses and give it a go. Give the little rat a chance.

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jannabethNovember 30, 2007 @ 10:21 pm

i think it should.. this movie rocks! and i def saw it a few times.. 🙂


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