Are the ‘Giants’ giant tippers?

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After the Giants won their divisional playoff game against the Cowboys on Sunday, they flew home on their private jet. Three players on the Giants squad: Plaxico Burress, Ruben Droughns, and Antonio Pierce then took it upon themselves to celebrate the win by going out to a New York nightclub where they drank the night away. According to Page Six, they “ordered bottles of Grey Goose vodka, Bacardi and champagne. Adoring fans at the club sent over more bottles of champagne and were chanting, “Gi-ants! Gi-ants!”” However, after staying until close the trio left the club without paying the waitress. The bill they had racked up was over $1,000. Lets see, 15% on 1,000 is…a lot of tip that should’ve been paid. And now I hate football more than ever.

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Football never liked you anyways, Dee. You’re just its bastard daughter.

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