If Amy Winehouse keeps up this ‘clingy’ behavior

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Oh, how my little derobers just love to embellish. Anyways, according to Perezhilton.com, despite being threatened with divorce papers Amy Winehouse is still pursuing her boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil with a reckless passion. Amy’s father explained,

“From Amy’s point of view, she would stick by him not matter what,” he says. “But he has said things like, ‘I want a divorce’.”
And pals agree Amy’s marriage is looking likely to collapse. “The Blake and Amy situation is imploding,” says a friend of the pair. “Blake has been listening to his mother, and he’s been hot and cold with Amy when they do meet.”

However, Blake’s recent perception of Amy as ‘Clingy’ has not stopped Amy from her obsessed ways. Her antics have only worsened as she recently dyed her hair blond (mistake) and got into a scuffle with a paparazzi photographer in London today. And as for Blake, well Amy still visits him regularly whether Blake wants her to or not.

Bob ‘The Bitch’
I think Blake got himself thrown into prison just to take a little break from Amy Crack-House. But whether it’s true or not nothing brings me more joy than seeing Amy with a sledgehammer in her hands. Just fits.

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