Lohan honored with the nation’s most coveted award

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

Everyone was buzzing yesterday about whether or not Lindsay Lohan would finally get her hands on a Razzie Award. With just a handful of shit-tastic celebrities to choose from only one would receive the praised “worst actress award” and lo and behold it was Lindsay. Lohan received multiple nominations at this year’s Razzies, but none so important as the worst actress nod for her work (or lack thereof) in I Know Who Killed Me. Razzies founder John Wilson said about the movie that it, “played like a cross between the torture tale Hostel and The Patty Duke Show.” So you know it must’ve been one special movie.

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Yeah, special. It’s special in the same way Derober John is “special” from a frontal lobe injury he received years ago when a horse bucked on him. He mostly drools and sputters sentence fragments nowadays. But we love him for his childish smile and exuberance. It inspires some of our greatest posts.

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