What did $1,000 a day get Amy Winehouse?

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While in prison Amy’s bo Blake Fielder-Civil wrote a letter to his father in regards to Amy’s addiction to drugs. According to News of the World, Blake hoped that rehab would get Amy off of her $1,000 a day coke and crack addiction. Blake went on:

“I want Amy to grab this opportunity in rehab so we can have a marriage and future together. Because the way she’s going I really fear I will come out of prison to no wife.
“I dread my cell door being opened and the chaplain informing me, ‘Amy’s dead.’
“I have that nightmare three or four times a week.

We’re all hoping that Amy spends that money each day on shoes. Not drugs.

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Actually, she’d be well-advised to spend that money on cosmetic make-up and better whigs. Believe me, we’ve all seen her without it.

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