Sarah Jessica Parker is quarantined in NYC

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Sarah Jessica Parker was recently spotted in NYC filming another “cutting-room-floor” scene for the epic Sex in the City movie.
For all you boyfriends / husbands who will be dragged to this movie, here are a few tips for surviving:

1. Yes, SJP is an alien from another planet, so don’t pull your hair out wondering how a human being can be so hideous
2. Haute Couture is French for Toxic Fabric and anyone caught wearing it in real life is certainly quarantined (see above pic)
3. Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall for all you members) is nude the entire movie, including the end credits
4. Yes, the only hot chick in this flick, Charlotte York (Kristen Davis for MrSkin) does show a boob
5. At least you can brag to your friends that you can now survive Chinese water torture

For more S.J.P. pictures, check out Agent Bedhead’s entry hysterically titled, “Tranny Prostitute Bag Lady”

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Say What?!January 29, 2008 @ 5:03 pm

[…] Sarah Jessica Parker is quarentined in NY – DR […]

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