To be or not to be: NKOTB Reunion

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The rumor mill is working overtime trying to figure out if The New Kids on the Block are reuniting or not.
My friend Ed seems to think they are hooking back up and has already reserved tickets for him and his wife Abby -the event will eclipse their wedding day for sure.
However, Danny Wood (the one that looks like Don Flamenco), claims in his official blog,

“Hi to all the New Kids On The Block fans, I wanted to clarify since my first post this morning regarding the NKOTB reunion. I loved being a part of the group, and have always thought “maybe someday we’ll get back together” – you just never know when your someday will come. I can guarantee all the fans that if this reunion were to happen, they would hear about it first on”

Nothing is posted on regarding a reunion tour. Sorry Edby -maybe you can substitute the concert with a vacation at any of the fine Sandals Resorts.

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