Britney Spears committed to (mental) hospital

Disclaimer: this video is too long and too stupid -but it’s all we’ve got

This is a video of Brit being taken to the hospital after her psychiatrist called the authorities and had her committed. A ridiculous police escort as long as a football field, including helicopters, brought the pop star to her second home at the UCLA medical center. I live right around the corner from here and I was on my way home when I saw the motorcade. I thought, wow, must be someone special -like Burt Reynold’s or somethin’.

For any fans who want to add more chaos to this 3 Ring Circus, here is where Britney is located right now:

UCLA Medical Center

10833 Le Conte Ave # 22499, Los Angeles, CA

(310) 825-9111

10833 Le Conte Ave # 22499, Los Angeles, CA

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