Britney Spears held against her will for 14 more days

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According to,

Britney Spears’ stay in a psychiatric ward was extended for two weeks under a section in state law that allows patients to be kept for medical treatment if they are found to be gravely disabled or a danger to themselves or others, a person close to the pop star told The Associated Press.

Spears was to be released Sunday from UCLA Medical Center’s psychiatric ward after undergoing a 72-hour mental evaluation.

But doctors and a ward medical officer cited California law to keep her longer, said the person close to Spears, who requested anonymity.”

I say let her and all the little people in her head go free -it’s only fair to the gossip starved American public.

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g-manNovember 25, 2008 @ 1:48 pm

she still has a great body, even after 2 kids!!!!!!!!!

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