Is Britney Spears Bi-polar??

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According to douchebag manager Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears is. In an interview with US magazine Sam said:

“In the depressive episodes, it’s all crying. But in the manic episode, there’s very little crying or sympathy or compassion. She becomes another person. She becomes somebody that just doesn’t care about anybody or anything.” He goes on to say “when the pink wig comes on, it’s getting bad.”

Sam also claims that he, Britney and her psychiatrist are the “only ones” who know what brought on her bi-polar disease, an incident that happened roughly five years ago. But what the incident was we may never know.

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Let me guess, Britney got one hand stuck in a cookie jar and the other stuck in the refrigerator and was unable to pull out the contents of either for nearly ten minutes. Britney snapped and has been traumatized ever since.

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