Kim Kardashian sued by Brandy’s mom

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According to multiple sources, Kim Kardashian is being sued by R&B singer Brandy’s mom Sonja Norwood for borrowing her credit card and racking up a bill of over 120,000 dollars in the span of a year. According to Norwood, she gave Kim extensive time to settle the matter out of court; however, after much deliberation Kim decided to get an Orange Julius because it looked good with her dress and it accentuated her ass. As for the lawsuit, it’s no sweat off Kim’s ass. That’s what she has a daddy for.

Bob ‘The Bitch’
I’m trying to think of what value 120,000 dollars is to Kim Kardashian relative to me. Would it be like me buying a pair of shoes, or like me buying a pair of shoe laces? More importantly, could I buy an Orange Julius with that kind of money?

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meadgobrahMarch 7, 2008 @ 12:17 pm

why would sonja norwood give kim a credit card. kim has more money then norwood, would ever have, oh and BOB, show some rescept, robert kardashian Sr passed away yes she has daddy’s money, isnt that why all men make money to make sure their families are set for life, when they are gone, so stop being a hater and start saving for your little princesses. dont hate just celebrate.

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