Is Avril Lavigne pregnant?

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
This may be nothing, but just yesterday Avril Lavigne and hubby Deryck Whibley shopped for baby items at Beverly Hills baby shop, Petite Tresor. But is she pregnant? You never can tell these days. Personally, I think Avril is just that bored. I can imagine the conversation. “Hey Avril, what should we do today?” “Mmm, maybe go shopping Hun?” “Sure, but where, Avril?” “…Baby store??” “Hey I’m stoned, why the F@#% not.”

And that’s how Avril’s Monday went

Comments (2) “Is Avril Lavigne pregnant?”

angelAugust 14, 2008 @ 4:15 am

i cant believe avril is pregnant

mae angelaSeptember 12, 2008 @ 4:22 am

ohhcommon?! is she really preggy? no answers were clear! please…

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