Jennifer Lopez afraid her twins will be kidnapped–bolsters hospital security

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
For those women out there who’re either pregnant or have been pregnant, did you ever have the thought that there was a plot out there to kidnap your baby?? Didn’t think so. But then again you’re probably not bat-shit crazy like Jennifer Lopez. According to Life and Style magazine, J-Lo and hubby Marc Anthony are increasing the hospital security dramatically:

“The hospital reportedly stepped up its security drills, which involve locking down the hospital in case a baby is kidnapped or otherwise vanishes. “They practiced the alerts twice a week in early February,” says a staffer. “That definitely had to do with J.Lo.”
“Babies have been kidnapped before,” a friend notes. “Jennifer had obvious concerns about security.”

And why wouldn’t a bat-shit crazy woman have her concerns. After all she’s only human..? I say, if your gonna do this do it right. Wear the army fatigues, carry the Rambo knife, plant all the boobie traps you can get your hands on, and strap on enough artillery to drown a small elephant. Because you never can be too sure.

(Warning–This advice is not intended for sane people)

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