Charlize Theron used to be really stupid

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

During a recent interview, Charlize Theron confessed to being young and dumb. When she first arrived in LA from South Africa, she got in a cab and said “Take me to Hollywood.” The cab driver with a since of irony took her to the Farmer’s Daughter hotel. Charlize recalls, “At the time, that hotel was renting rooms by the hour. It took me a gallon of bleach on those sheets to finally get some sleep.”
WTF? You mean to tell me that after the cabbie dropped her off, she actually stayed the night? The hotel is called the Farmer’s Daughter! In every joke ever told on this planet, doesn’t the Farmer’s Daughter always get, well, you know, farmed?

In related news, Asylum has discovered Hookers for Jesus…Jesus.

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